柔顺灵魂乐 Smooth Soul

柔顺灵魂乐(Smooth Soul)是灵魂乐(Soul)的子风格,在1970年代的美国,由放克(Funk)、流行乐(Pop)及灵魂乐(Soul)发展而来,到1970年代获得商业成功。后来由于迪斯科(Disco)和平静风暴(Quiet Storm)等风格的流行而退出主流舞台。Smooth Soul的基本特征是鲜明的旋律走向,融合Funk的元素和光洁的制作手法。

Allmusic描述Smooth Soul为"光滑、时髦和浪漫"。和流行灵魂乐(Pop Soul)受到当时的舞曲启发不同,Smooth Soul里更多的是情歌的浪漫以及尘俗的歌词主题。然而,和Pop Soul一样,Smooth Soul的鲜明旋律也让它成为跨界演绎的良好素材。而Funk对Smooth Soul节奏的影响则让它与一般流行乐区分开来。


Smooth soul is a subgenre of soul music that developed in the early 1970s from soul, funk and pop music in the United States. The subgenre experienced mainstream success from the time of its development to the late 1970s, before its succession by disco and quiet storm.

Smooth soul is characterized by melodic hooks, funk influence and smooth production style.Allmusic describes smooth soul as "smooth, stylish, and romantic."Unlike pop-soul, which predominantly featured dance-oriented music at the time, smooth soul was more ballad-oriented with generally romantic and seductive lyrical themes.However, its melodic hooks were ideal for crossover play, much like the former. The funk influence of smooth soul's beats also gave the subgenre its distinction from pop.

The music enjoyed commercial success during the early to mid-1970s through the works of such artists as Al Green, The Spinners, Marvin Gaye, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, Bill Withers, Minnie Riperton, Earth, Wind & Fire and The Stylistics.Well-known works of the smooth soul genre include Let's Get It On (1973), Spinners (1972), Just as I Am and Let's Stay Together (1972).As pop-soul had metamorphosed into disco during the late 1970s,smooth soul was eventually followed by the development of the quiet storm format.

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