把摇滚乐的能量和爵士的摇摆感通过娴熟的技术,融合为动人心弦的旋律,这就是Fayzz。他们在好听和创造性之间把握住了平衡。在Fayzz的作品中,资深的爱乐者可能发现后摇滚、数学摇滚、chill out和爵士嘻哈的元素交织出现。如果你只是希望听到更有特点的声音,则不用考虑这些名词。不妨跟随急速的鼓击、清亮的吉他弹拨和律动感十足的贝斯低音,消解日益增加的城市焦虑感。


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Imagine what it is like to combine the vibrant spirit of rock’n roll music with a swingy touch of jazz under sophisticated techniques, packing into a hand full of heart-striking, harmonic-rich melodies — and you will see Fayzz, they who have grasped the balance between creative experimentation and ear-pleasing euphony.
Experienced listeners will be pleasantly surprised by the elements of post-rock, math-rock, chill-out, and even jazz-hop intertwined in their music, but feel free to put the musical jargons aside and allow your heart and soul to sink into a world encircled by swift drum beats, bright guitar picking, and rhythmic bass notes if you just want to have a unique as well memorable listening experience in the overabundant modern industry of music.
Fayzz started off as a one-man project initiated by musician Fan Bin in 2009, slowly evolving into the current set up as new members Huang Yu (Bass), Mu Wang (Guitar), and Xiao Bo (Drums) joined in. The band might welcome new members in the future so as to explore the use of wind instruments and synthesizers, which have appeared in their music in quite a few instances. As a band of progressive artistry approach, Fayzz will not hesitate to explore new creative possibilities; listeners can expect that they further break away from limits defined by genres.
Likewise, you are likely to discover through listening that it is difficult to phrase them within a set of boundaries, just as their music is likely to be the embodiment of freedom in expression, a way of relating to the outside world we all seek for. So be sure to listen, with a mind full of imagination and a heart full of appreciation, to this voice of youth.
Fayzz is now cooperating with 1724 Records, which is currently celebrating its 11th birthday, in planning new releases, live events, and band merchandise.


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