Music From the Films of James Bond007电影音乐合辑


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艺人: Soundtrack
语种: 纯音乐
唱片公司: Diggers Factory
发行时间: 2020年04月03日
专辑类别: 合集、杂锦
Music From the Films of James Bond 未发布

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disc 1
1 The James Bond Theme (From Dr No) Monty Norman 0  
2 From Russia with Love (From From Russia with Love) John Barry 1  
3 Goldfinger (From Goldfinger) John Barry 0  
4 Thunderball (From Thunderball) John Barry 0  
5 You Only Live Twice (From You Only Live Twice) John Barry 0  
6 We Have All the Time in the World (From On Her Majesty's Secret Service) John Barry 0  
7 Diamonds Are Forever (From Diamonds Are Forever) John Barry 0  
8 Live and Let Die (From Live and Let Die) George Martin 0  
9 The Man with the Golden Gun (From The Man with the Golden Gun) John Barry 1  
10 Nobody Does It Better (From The Spy Who Loved Me) Marvin Hamlisch 0  
11 Moonraker (From Moonraker) John Barry 0  
12 For Your Eyes Only (From For Your Eyes Only) Bill Conti 1  
13 All Time High (From Octopussy) John Barry 0  
disc 2
1 Wine with Stacey / Fanfare / Snow Job (From A View to a Kill) John Barry 0  
2 End Title (From The Living Daylights) John Barry 0  
3 Licence to Kill (From Licence to Kill) Michael Kamen 0  
4 Goldeneye (From Goldeneye) Eric Serra 0  
5 Tomorrow Never Dies (From Tomorrow Never Dies) David Arnold 0  
6 The World Is Not Enough (From The World Is Not Enough) David Arnold 0  
7 Die Another Day David Arnold 0  
8 You Know My Name (From Casino Royale) David Arnold 0  
9 Another Way to Die (From Quantum of Solace) David Arnold 0  
10 Skyfall (From Skyfall) David Arnold 2  



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