We never wanted to be like anyone else, we are just trying to be ourselves. Because once you‘ve become yourselves, you are already different. 微博:@WeAreVarious https://www.weibo.com/wav6 乐队成立于2014年秋于加拿大多伦多,由吉他手兼主唱Done Young、主音吉他手Jacky Chen、节奏吉他手Ray Su、贝斯手兼制作人Gabriel Cheung、鼓手Paul Zhong组成。乐队名字WAV来源于声波,也是We Are Various的缩写,意在我们的音乐风格多变,敢于尝试。 乐队大事记: 2014秋 乐队成立 4.18.2015 新专首单 《Don't Let Me Go》 发布 8.20.2015 新专首单 《Don't Let Me Go》 获得11期虾米橙live原创榜冠军 10.8.2015 首专《Nil》正式发布 5.29.2017 发布单曲《Confession of A Dreamer》 演出: 2.28.2015 @Silver Dollar Room 11.24.2015 @The Opera House 11.26.2015 @Sneaky Dee's 3.6.2016 @Adelaide Hall

Done Young

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